Gray Days and Gold Archive

Gray Days and Gold is a completely independent monthly streaming music show that shines a light on some of the most interesting artists you’re not hearing on the radio. There’s a focus on adventurous but timeless songwriting, often with a wistful hue—our motto is “Maximum melody, moderate melancholy”—and sonic evocation of the passing seasons. Music that’s often lovely and comforting, but never aural wallpaper.

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Gray Days and Gold: An Introduction

July 2022 (Ep. 27)

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Gray Days and Gold July 2022

Feat. Jeff Tobias, MF Tomlinson, Sun’s Signature, The Carmelittles, Baku Furukawa, David Ian Roberts, The Light Music Company (Martin Newell & Rachel Love), Luke Saxton, Cap’n Marble, JayWood, The Hardy Tree, and supergloom

June 2022 (Ep. 26)


Gray Days and Gold June 2022

Feat. Son Parapluie, Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler, O’o, Owen Duff, Gordon Bennett, Pneumatic Tubes, Travesía, The Cleaners From Venus, Makaya McCraven, Jesse Tabish, Bala Desejo, Fresh Pepper, and M.E. Netzke

May 2022 (Ep. 25)


Gray Days and Gold May 2022

Feat. Yama Warashi, Telefís, Bobby Halvorson, The Cleaners From Venus, Erdmöbel, Farmer, LINDE, The Monkees, Boris Maurussane, Niagara Moon, Carwyn Ellis, and Cathal Coughlan

Gray Days and Gold: Best of 2021

December 2021 (Ep. 24)


Gray Days and Gold December 2021

Feat. Pablo O’Connell, Michael Nesmith, Testbild!, Landslide Purist, Wyndow, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sufjan Stevens & Angelo de Augustine, Craig Fortnam, Aimee Mann, Heirloome, Étienne Coppée, and Michael R. Oldham

November 2021 (Ep. 23)


Gray Days and Gold November 2021

Feat. AstroMike Gordon, Furrows, Cap’n Marble, Admiral Fallow, Penelope Isles, Laura Reznek, Strawberry Guy, Astral Brain, C Duncan, Render Ghosts, Elbow, William Doyle, and Miho Hazama

October 2021 (Ep. 22)


Gray Days and Gold October 2021

Feat. Kit Sebastian, Tonstartssbandht, The Clientele, Danke Shane, Emily Wells, The Robinson Crusoes, Alex Pester, Macie Stewart, Rachel Love, Berk Icli, Alex Rand, and Jimmy Kraft

Interview: Alex Pester’s Lover’s Leap

September 2021 (Ep. 21)


Gray Days and Gold September 2021

Feat. Trevor Sloan, Sir Orfeo, Marta Del Grandi, Genevieve Dawson, Arthur Verocai, Hamish Hawk, Alex Pester, Nina Savary, The Cleaners from Venus, Evan Wright, Shannon Lay, A Girl Called Eddy, D. Rothon, and Afternoon Bike Ride

August 2021 (Ep. 20)


Gray Days and Gold August 2021

Feat. Manny, Glowalker, Hélène Renaut, Sir Orfeo, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Villagers, Alex Pester, Virginia Wing, Cain Price, The Magic Lantern, Cereus Bright, and Lucinda Chua

July 2021 (Ep. 19)


Gray Days and Gold July 2021

Feat. Mega Bog, Michael League, Charlotte Jacobs, Brendan Eder Ensemble, Craig Fortnam, Dot Allison, William Susman, Ins Kino, Andrew Wasylyk, XINA, Novelty Island, MoonBell, Colin Moulding, Bryan Away, Trailer Trash Tracys, and Steely Dan

June 2021 (Ep. 18)


Gray Days and Gold June 2021

Feat. Vanishing Twin, Louis Philippe, Elizabeth Owens, Jake Hardman, The Divine Comedy, The Carmelittles, Jerika Hayes, The Cleaners From Venus, Yani Martinelli, Sven Wunder, Orwell, and The Catenary Wires

May 2021 (Ep. 17)


Gray Days and Gold May 2021

Feat. Small Plant, Lonny Micro, Momus, Louis-Jean Cormier, Will Stratton, King Crimson, Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings, Cap’n Marble, The Pattern Forms, Mottron, Brian Dickinson, Justin Sullivan, Ruby Rushton, Blossom Dearie, and Stoylov

April 2021 (Ep. 16)


Gray Days and Gold April 2021

Feat. Parler Bien, Olivier Rocabois, Pneumatic Tubes, Sun Collective, Milder PS, Sheep, Dog & Wolf, Joseph Shabason, Fredo Viola, Ryley Walker, Eleni Era, José Mauro, Wendy Martinez, and Prefab Sprout

March 2021 (Ep. 15)


Gray Days and Gold March 2021

Feat. Landslide Purist, Chloë March, PANS, Dialect, Blumi, XTC, MF Tomlinson, Shmu, Bernice, Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard, Field Works, Joseph Mihalcean, and Martin Newell

February 2021 (Ep. 14)


Gray Days and Gold February 2021

Feat. Ghostwriter, Forever Overhead, Inna Pivars & The Histriones, Stefani Bondari, Crowey, Those Damn Eyes, Zach Silva, William Susman, Nicholas Krgovich & Friends, Yasmin Williams, Stereolab, Life On Earth!, Hands of the Heron, Lost Horizons, and Steve Ashley

January 2021 (Ep. 13)


Gray Days and Gold January 2021

Feat. Samuel Sharp, Adron, Tommy Champion, DM Stith, Midnight Sister, A.P. Simpson, Beautify Junkyards, Max Daniel, Frank Kimbrough, Austin Meadows Wilkerson, Emma Miller, Laïla Amezian, Spencer Cullum, and Yes The Raven

Gray Days and Gold: Best of 2020

December 2020 (Ep. 12)


Gray Days and Gold December 2020

Feat. Animali, Louis Philippe & The Night Mail, Ana Silvera, Harold Budd, Laure Briard, String Boys, Farmer, Grand Parc, King Creosote, Shabason Krgovich & Harris, Chloë March, The Cleaners from Venus, Ryan Power, Selen Peacock, Dilo Roman, and The Magic Lantern

November 2020 (Ep. 11)


Gray Days and Gold November 2020

Feat. Meer, Kevin Godley, Stephen Duffy & Nigel Kennedy, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Dungen, Loma, Brendan Eder Ensemble, The Clientele, It’s Immaterial, Patrick Watson, Camoufleur, Mottron, Claude Lombard, Molly Drake, and Shmu

October 2020 (Ep. 10)


Gray Days and Gold October 2020

Feat. This Is the Kit, Bob Dorough, Burt Bacharach & Daniel Tashian, Tunng, The Apartments, Colorama, Fleet Foxes, Odessey & Oracle, Matt Berninger, My Hawaii, Woods of Birnam, Charlie Dore, The Weather Station, Sufjan Stevens, and Zola Mennenöh

Interview: The Carmelittles’ Henri Poilevey on Wreath

September 2020 (Ep. 9)


Gray Days and Gold September 2020

Feat. Martin Newell, Paul Weller, Oracle Sisters, The Carmelittles, Lillian’s Gish, Skyler Skjelset, Deradoorian, Evan Myall, Andrew Wasylyk, Doctor Ew, Villagers, H.C. McEntire, Ralph Waldo, and Sun Collective

August 2020 (Ep. 8)


Gray Days and Gold August 2020

Feat. Jacques Brel, The Clientele, Thanya Iyer, Astrud Gilberto with Stanley Turrentine, Kamaal Williams, Wye Oak, Broadcast, David Ian Roberts, Terry & The Lovemen (aka XTC), White Boy Scream, Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe, Mr. Elevator, Atmosphere, Momus, Maria Schneider Orchestra, and Nelson Kempf

July 2020 (Ep. 7)


Gray Days and Gold July 2020

Feat. Buscabulla, Alex Pester, Belle and Sebastian, Alex Rand, Moses Sumney, Bibio, Jehnny Beth, Jerry Paper, Michelle Blades, Julien Gasc, Tiny Tim, Logan Hone, Kavus Torabi, Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings, Lucy Reed, Giorgio Tuma, Owen Pallett, and Stephen Duffy

June 2020 (Ep. 6)


Gray Days and Gold June 2020

Feat. Algiers, Kamasi Washington, Timmy Thomas, Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Kiwanuka, Solange, Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, Michael Hedges, Cassandra Wilson, A Tribe Called Quest, Jamila Woods, Brittany Howard, Curtis Mayfield, Cleo Sol, and Fishbone

May 2020 (Ep. 5)


Gray Days and Gold May 2020

Feat. LAKE, Jon Brooks, The Lilac Time, Orwell, Alexander’s Festival Hall, Nap Eyes, Le SuperHomard, Marker Starling, The Cleaners from Venus, Brendan Eder Ensemble, Alex Rand, Jens Carelius, George Ogilvie, Jack Sharp, and Ben Osborn

Interview: Alex Pester’s Devotion

April 2020 (Ep. 4)


Feat. Labi Siffre, Adrian Younge, Lavinia Blackwall, June Christy, Alex Pester, Jake Thackray, Louis Philippe and Danny Manners, Scott Hardware, Laura Marling, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Testbild!, Ivy, Roger O’Donnell, John Southworth, Ryan Riveros, and Thundercat

March 2020 (Ep. 3)


Feat. LAKE, Léo Ferré, Mamomo, Rejoicer, Cabane, Mellotron Variations, Giles, Giles & Fripp, Hélène Renaut, Astral Brain, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ilous & Decuyper, Quincey May Brown, Alabaster Deplume, Mappe Of, and M.E. Netzke

February 2020 (Ep. 2)


Gray Days and Gold February 2020

Feat. Iceblink, A Girl Called Eddy, CUP, Aoife Nessa Frances, Efterklang, The Innocence Mission, Jason McMahon, Wire, Vanishing Twin, Moons, David Ian Roberts, and Paul Andrews

January 2020 (Ep. 1)


Feat. Matt Pond PA, The Lilac Time, Nina Simone, The Divine Comedy, Jessica Pratt, Bremer/McCoy, Bodywash, Martin Newell, Rose Elinor Dougall, Jeff Victor, Jacques Brel, Scott Walker, Roger Eno, The Album Leaf, and Leonard Cohen