It’s pretty common in music circles to encounter people who have spent literally decades trying to identify an obscure song on an old mixtape. They’ve had no luck Googling lyrics or playing the song into Soundhound, Shazam, or friends’ ears. There are entire communities—on websites like Wat Zat Song?Midomi, and Reddit—devoted to crowdsourcing the solutions.

Many times, without what felt like much work, I’ve been able to successfully ID such songs for strangers. Not because I’m Brainypants McMusicface; to the contrary. In every instance these have been songs and artists I’d never heard (or even heard of) before.

But the recordings contained the necessary clues and context, to which I applied some deductive reasoning and research done on freely-available websites. Here’s how I’ve gone about it, in case crowdsourcing isn’t working for you.

One example: Slicing Up Eyeballs posted this to both Facebook and Twitter.

Can you ID this funky post-punk song taped off WNYU in the ’80s?

A Slicing Up Eyeballs reader sent us the following note:

“I write from Germany so sorry if i put words wrong. A Friend of mine was in America in the 80s and he listened to WNYU – FM. He heard a Song there but did not hear the Name and Artist. So i have the Link here where you can listen to. If you don`t know it, maybe you can help us with the Lyrics. We went them up and down with no Result. Especially after the beginning words “Oh well oh welcome ….. This might be the Refrain of the Song because he repeats it often in this Song. I would be very glad to get an answer from you because this Song is searched for more than 33 Years.”

The post was accompanied by the song’s audio on Soundcloud (and had already been an open case on Wat Zat Song? for over five months).

1. Examine the audio and lyrics for clues, and search for keywords on Discogs.

Discogs is a website database detailing musical artists’ discographies and, among other features (like its marketplace and the ability to catalog your entire music collection), it’s a powerful search engine. The Advanced Search, which is free to use without creating an account, allows you to look just within Track (song) Title.

Discogs Advanced Search

Since this song didn’t have a traditional chorus (where the title would usually repeat), I started making out the lyrics from the top.

Oh well, oh welcome [turncoat?] Sam
He said he was a killer man
He doesn’t care about your [love / life]

Then something about napalm? Sounds a bit agit-prop. That first line repeats at the beginning of each verse, giving at least part of it the potential to appear in the title. A Track Title search for “oh well oh welcome” yielded 44 results which contained some combination of those keywords in their song titles (i.e. “oh”, “well” and “welcome” might appear in three different song titles on a given album, not necessarily all in the same song title).

2. Filter the search results to items released in a specific decade, geographic region, or genre.

Discogs Search Results

The OP said the tape was from the ’80s and the recording screams ’80s as well. Choosing Decade>1980 from the menu down the left side of the search window narrows it down from 44 to 7.

Discogs Filtered Results

As for genre, would Discogs have this filed under punk, funk, other? Those distinctions are subjective, which is why I opted not to use their filters for this step and instead eliminated results that obviously weren’t the genre I was looking for (i.e. skip over the items with “gospel” and “soul” in the titles, as well as the “Hot Hits” compilation. If this song had ever been a hot hit, someone would have identified it by now). That left me with only one result to investigate: Maxi Dance Pool Vol. 2 – Musikladen Eurotops.

NB: Discogs, due to the way its records are structured, returned three different iterations of this same album in the search results: one being the ‘master page’ for that release/album and the other two detailing the separate formats of the release, CD and LP. All three are interchangeable for my purposes, so no need to look at each.

3. Use streaming music resources to follow leads.

Discogs Master Release Page

Given that my keywords were spread across two track titles on this compilation—”Oh Well” (by an artist of the same name), and another titled “Welcome, Machine Gun”—and that my song hardly seemed like club fodder, this was probably a dead end but I was already here and decided to see it through. The former title was a better match to my lyric than the latter so I followed the hyperlink to the Discogs page showing Oh Well’s discography. The song “Oh Well”, since it was released as a single, had its own subpage with an embedded YouTube video, a quick scan of which proved it wasn’t the song I was after.

Discogs Single Release Page

“Machine gun” didn’t appear in the lyrics of my song, so it seemed illogical to assume that the latter song had any relevance to my search. Back to the drawing board.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed.

I didn’t bother pursuing the words “oh well” any further because, on their own, they simply didn’t feel distinctive or interesting enough to be a title for this song. Instead, I turned my sights to “turncoat Sam.” Few writers would be able to resist making such a unique turn of phrase the hook on which to hang a song, so it had a better chance of appearing in the title. But that search yielded only two results, which were quickly ruled out. Additional searches for “turncoat” and “welcome turncoat” were similarly fruitless.

Out of other options, I searched for “Sam”. Filtering down to just the ’80s still left nearly 2700 releases. Scanning the first page of 50 results, I eliminated anything immediately recognizable (e.g. T. Rex’s “Telegram Sam”), the foreign language items, the ones obviously in non-applicable genres like jazz, and ones in which Sam was inextricably paired with other words (“Play It Again, Sam”, etc.).

At the bottom of the page my eye was drawn to a dark, arty record cover that seemed to fit the vibe I was looking for—what looked like a monoprint of a face that was disjointed, disfigured, with violence or chaos implied.

Discogs Sam Search

It was for a single of a song called “Uncle Sam” by a group I’d never heard of, Rhythm of Life. Clicking through to that subpage showed that it was a UK release from 1981, classified as New Wave. On this type of page, Discogs displays suggestions of similar artists; while I wasn’t intimately familiar with the ones listed here (Josef K, Cabaret Voltaire), I knew enough to think they were reasonably aligned with my target.

Discogs Uncle Sam Page

I searched YouTube for “Rhythm of Life Uncle Sam,” which returned one result; after a brief drum intro that was missing from the original post, there was my song. It wasn’t “turncoat Sam” after all… it was “Oh well, oh welcome to Uncle Sam”, with “to” and “Uncle” sung so close together as to sound like one word.

[Editor’s note: If you’ve arrived here on a day when there’s no embedded video of Rhythm of Life’s “Uncle Sam,” that’s because it tends to come and go from YouTube. As far as I know, the song appears not to be available on any legitimate streaming service—or for digital download—in the US, and can only be found on a 2-CD Paul Haig compilation from Brussels-based Les Disques du Crépuscule label. And that fact, dear reader—that the web giveth and the web taketh away—is a perfect example of why I always view my personal music library as more essential and comprehensive than any third-party streaming service can hope to be.]

To be fair, intuition played a part in arriving at the solution, as did good luck; if my song had appeared on the 50th page of “Sam” results instead of the first, would I have found it? (Not to mention other factors in my favor: that the song had lyrics at all, was sung in my native language, was from an era and genre of which I have a decent if not comprehensive knowledge, etc.) Still, this method has helped me solve half a dozen other mystery songs that had been plaguing people for 25+ years, where collective “Well, it kind of sounds like [artist name here]” guesswork failed.

Further examples

Here are a couple more mystery songs I solved for people online, using the same steps—identifying the audio clues, lyrical clues, and parameters for the search.

Example #2

Audio clues: a song taped off an American alt radio station in 1988. The artist sounded American, slightly roots-rockish but with sonic polish, and a bit Paisley Underground.

Lyrical clues: a mention of Jerry Falwell bolstered my notion that it’s American in origin. Focusing on the closest thing to a chorus, the only lyrics which repeat are variations of:

Whatever name you go by, she goes by now too
What else would she do?
She’s got her last resorts in the mail
To box three five comma oh oh oh

The search: the last line was the best bet. The number 35,000 spoken in that way, as its individual components, was so unusual that it took a while to realize that’s what I was hearing, as opposed to the oh-oh-ohs simply being vocal punctuations. Being catchy and unique, it was the most obvious hook. And radio being a contemporary medium, the song was probably either released in ’87 or ’88; songs generally don’t get airplay years after their release unless they’ve achieved some status. Searching Discogs in two fields—Track Title for “35,000”, and Year for 1987—took me straight to it: “35,000” by Insiders, from an album called Ghost On the Beach.

Discogs Insiders Search

I’m not surprised it eluded someone for decades; it was a deep album cut, not a single, and it wasn’t on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes or Amazon. I had to track it down on (now-defunct) Grooveshark in order to verify its identity. In the intervening years it’s been posted to YouTube by Gary Yerkins, one of the band’s songwriters:

Example #3, without audio

Again, Slicing Up Eyeballs posted a reader’s plea on Facebook.

NAME THAT TUNE: Scott’s having trouble tracking down a song he used to have on a mixtape. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

“I have what seems to be the common ‘I had a mix tape years ago, what the hell was that song’ problem. ’93 in college a buddy made me a killer mix tape. I lost the track listing after many moves, but have managed to hunt down almost all of the songs except one. Here’s what I remember:

“The song begins with a clip of a British man calling bingo. He mentions one number and then says ‘blue? 22. We have a bingo- in TWO places.’ Then it cuts into the song. That is all I remember. I can tell you it was ’93 or prior. Any help from the good folks who follow you would be fantastic.”

Audio clues: none. This time there’s neither a recorded snippet nor any indication in the OP’s wording about what type of music it is.

Lyrical clues: just the spoken ‘bingo’ intro. At this point, I don’t even know whether the rest of the song has lyrics or is purely instrumental.

The search: I have two facts—the bingo intro and a release date no later than 1993—and one assumption: that the artist is British, since there’s no obvious reason for a non-UK artist to source a few seconds of audio from a British bingo hall. Of course there’s no guarantee that the song’s title has bingo in it, but that’s the only practical starting point.

Searching Track Title for “bingo” yielded 2,848 results. I filtered those down to items released in the UK (since odds are good that an artist’s work would be released first and foremost in their native country), which narrowed the results to 562. I applied a second filter in order to see only items released in the 1990s, which reduced the results to 143. Then I clicked on the View options at the upper-right of the window to see the results as Text With Covers, which enabled me to see the release year for each item.


Ignoring anything released past 1993, I worked my way down the first page of 50 results, clicking through to each item’s detailed release page and looking up songs on YouTube (if they weren’t already embedded in the Discogs page). Eventually I arrived at the album Reach by Snuff, released in 1992.


Since the release page featured a YouTube video of the full album and “Bingo” was track nine of twelve, I scrubbed about 3/4 of the way into it, pausing at the gaps between songs since I was interested only in the beginning of any given track, and at the 21:32 mark is where I found my British bingo player. All told, this process took me less than 30 minutes.

I thought I was done, but something nagged at me: YouTube also has a standalone video of just the song “Bingo”, and that spoken word clip doesn’t appear in it at all, either at the beginning or the end. Further, the song in that video isn’t the one following the bingo hall clip in the full-album video!

After adding up the track times seen on the Discogs page, I realized that 21:32 into the album puts you at the end of “Bingo,” not the beginning of it. Therefore, if the OP is seeking the song that comes after the clip, it’s really the next track on the album—“Ichola Buddha”—that’s he’s after (and, when making the mixtape, his friend may have mistaken the bingo hall clip for the intro to that song instead of what it really is: the tail end of “Bingo”).

Obviously my method is dependent on certain factors—not to mention some luck and intuition—and won’t work in every instance, but I hope it’ll be a useful tool to help you get closer to solving your own mystery song. If it does, I’d love to hear your stories about where and when you originally came by a song, where the search took you over time, and how you arrived at a solution.

(cassette photo by Laurent Hoffmann)

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  1. this is so awesome!!!!!! the mystery has been solved, and i love your play-by-play!!! so helpful!!!

    • What is the song called that goes I was 18 when I found my first love and he will never come back again

      • It’s about this girl that finds out her boyfriend dies in the war (it is stuck in my head)

        • thinking of you by katty perry maybe?

        • “clouds across the moon” by RAH band (1985)?

        • How old? Been a few… even billy Don’t be a Hero

        • Maybe traveling soldier by Dixie chicks

          • Yeah, it almost has to be Travelin’ Soldier.

            I’ll just remind everyone of the Dixie Chicks absurd and pathetic decision to change their band name. They hate themselves enough as to see fit to drop the word “Dixie”, changing their name for all of their works – in the future, as well as retroactively into the past – to simply “The Chicks” (despite there already being a pretty well-known band by the same name out of New Zealand?!). So anyways, yes…this well known song by the Dixie Chicks can be found by the title “Travelin’ Soldier” by “The Chicks” (eye-roll emoji)

            With all that said, it’s still a great song, and Emily Erwin still resides near the top of my personal list of “Top Women Over 50 I Wouldn’t Mind Copping Feel On”.

      • I’m looking for this old cartoon where fishes was underwater singing don’t run from the devil don’t run from the devil let the devil run from you

      • Billy don’t be a hero

  2. Superb detective work, Mark. Very much the way I approach solving stuff like this. I also lean on a big bookshelf of non-net reference material that’s quite valuable.

    • Hello Orlando. There are probably a number of tracks from the 80s with “Feel It” in the title or chorus (like Funk Fusion Band’s “Can You Feel It”, at the link below). Can you remember the name of any song that sampled it?

    • Mark hello… I’m trying to identify some tracks from the late Cocoa Tea, circa the late 70’s and 80’s.

      As also some Barrington Levy, Jose Wales, Hugh Mikes, Frankie Paul, Little John, and Tony Tuff tracks from the same era.

      These would be found on the Cornerstone Label.

      Thank you in advance.

      • Hi Michael. Time constraints prevent me from being able to help directly, but feel free to post details here about what you’re searching for. This blog post has a few ‘regulars’ among the commenters who pop in occasionally to assist.

        • Awesome. Appreciated. I often don’t really know if the songs i’m looking for are located by the search engine, my target audience or some random website’s team with all the wrong answers.

        • Trying to find a song from a wedding I was at , it says “all my favourite girls” that’s all I know I think it’s might say “people across the world” aswell but I’m really not sure ! Thank you

  3. Brilliant!! I love that even lost songs can still be found and live on. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Awesome Post! I’ve had unknown bits of songs stuck in my head for years, and thankful for all the options you listed in helping me find the artist/title!!!

  5. Forgive my contrariness here–but you could save yourself all of this legwork, and play back the song in question (if you have a recording of it) to an app on your smartphone like Shazam or SoundHound, which will automagically recognize and tell you what song it is. Works 8-9 times out of 10 for me, but these steps in this article are good if it’s a tune that stumps those apps.

  6. I find this sort of detective work to be utterly fascinating. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Making it a bit hard. If you have bits of the lyrics figured out it’s quite easy to search those “within quotes” and just add the word lyrics.

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  10. Have searched everywhere for an old song we had on a record when we were kids. I believe the name of the song was “Boobalac. Not sure of the spelling. It was about a bird named “Boobalac. Some of the lyrics were “itty bitty bird they call him a Boobalac. Another part said some thing about him being “high up in a cottonwood”. The main chorus said “Boobalac, Boobalac, corn’ll make a Boobalac tweet. Boobalac, Boobalac, now ain’t a little Boobalac sweet. Please Help.

  11. Hi Mark,
    I wasn’t going to comment but it seems you’re still here! You’re kinda my only hope, I can’t figure this out. I HAVE the song. What I don’t have is any way of identifying it … there’s a clip of it here.
    It doesn’t have lyrics, only “Go”, a couple of words, and a sentence half way through that I can’t hear (sounds like something other than English). It sounds kinda trance-y, and seems as though it gets cut off before the end … I’ve got nothing else to go on. I’d appreciate any help!

    • Never mind – just as I posted this, I actually found it using some of your methods. More like, I kinda stumbled on it, but either way, success!! Thank you so much for this post!
      (the above link has been deleted)

      • Hi Yuki. This post gets a lot of views but most people never let me know how their searches turned out, so I appreciate the feedback and knowing that I’ve been of some small help.

  12. I’ve been trying to find a song for years that i always thought was (Noosha) Fox, either as a band member or solo artiste, i’ve trawled through all the stuff of theirs (and hers) i could find, but have drawn a blank!

    The only lyrics i have is…
    ‘The Sheik of Araby’ (but i can’t find it using that title)
    ‘then you(‘ll) go far, yes you(‘ll) go far, people will say, what a big man you aaaaaaaare, what a BIIIIIG man you aaaaaaaaare’

    Just to explain the letters in brackets, i cant remember if she’s singing you or you’ll

    I hope someone can solve this for me, it’s drove me nuts for years 🙁

  13. I have been searching for a song for 40 years no I am NOT kidding! Sadly I have no lyrics I can remember,no real melody all I can remember is that last ‘shots'(bass and drum parts of the ending).There is NO talking,rapping,no brass,or orchestra in this song.It is not a dance song or new wave.

    It is a Progressive Rock type tune from between 1975 and 1980 or so. It starts with an ascending scale or pattern on a chorused electric piano keyboard.It builds adding bass,drums and guitar with a slow ballad feel and 4/4 tempo.The middle the guitarist plays a amazing lead guitar solo ad it gets slightly heavier.It is full of atmosphere. I’ve checked numerous sites and many artists from that genre and I know my music

    I am now offering $75.00 Canadian Funds(certified cheque ) to anyone who can find this or give me leads,
    Thanks for reading


  14. pls someone identify the song in the background ive tried everything and cant find it

  15. Thank you, Brainypants McMusicface, you’re my new hero!

  16. Tough one: song heard on KROQ (Los Angeles) in the early 80s. Hook was “I was impressed/ when you got undressed”. Other lyrics “let’s not talk about love I say, you never liked me anyway” [or, I never liked you; not sure]
    Probably an indie; standard searches turn up nothing. Does anybody know it?!
    I’ll be impressed 🙂

    • I was looking for the same song. I used to have a mix tape of KROQ with Jed the Fish DJing and they played that song. I was hoping to find it too as it brings back great memories (but I cannot remember the song).

    • ”I was impressed when you got undressed” is from a song I’ve just discovered called A Way You’ll Never Be by Leisure Process from 1982.

      This is the music video for the song:

      • This track sounds like a classic British New Romantic song, what would be called New Wave in the United States but wasn’t here in the UK at the time. I’m quite proud that such an interesting song was made here in England. Unfortunately the band only made 4 singles and no albums before breaking up.

      • Yes, this is the song! Excellent. Thank you!

        Funny point though: it has the lyrics “let’s not talk ’bout love I say…” , but I don’t
        hear “I was impressed/ when you got undressed” anywhere! OTOH I do hear it in the 12″ version, , right after “…synchronicity” — in the link you posted saxophones take over and possibly drown it out, or maybe it was deemed racy (?!) and skipped altogether.

        In any case, of all the song hunts I’ve done (and they are legion) this was the hardest and longest-lasting one. Congratulations, and thank you again for finding it!

        • Thanks for replying. I think that part of the lyrics was cut from various versions for the reason you say, for being too sexual.

          I’ve been trying to work out the lyrics because they don’t appear on the internet anywhere. Managed most of it, but I’ve got 4 question marks at the moment:

          Baby’s got a brand new toy, she’s cracking out the eggshell, boy
          Let’s not talk of love, I’d say you never liked me anyway
          Possibility of change, I contact men on midnight trains

          Just content? paid/made? that beauty
          She sees through you and me
          She looks so cold and splendid
          A way you’ll never be

          Should I tell you my desire, then cast myself into the fire
          (I think I’m burning)

          (Oh) I would give you everything if you would give me words to sing

          The world may move in ? , but I am the one who waits
          I’m the black car parked across the road, the spectre at the gate
          I’m b/p? you wrote over me, a message from a big country
          Someone young just gave to me the youth of synchronicity
          I was impressed when you got undressed

        • Edit: I’ve just realised what one of the words on the song is: it’s “contemplate” in the chorus. “Just contemplate her beauty”. Funny how that suddenly came to me while listening to it again. I still can’t understand all of the words in the rap part of the song. I’ll keep listening and see if it suddenly dawns on me what they are.

        • Hello George, I was so impressed by this song from 1982 that I decided to put together a high quality video on YouTube (for both sound and video picture). It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get it absolutely right, (or as right as is possible). I’ve just uploaded it to YouTube. The lyrics are in the description. I hope you like it! Andrew (Birmingham, England)

          • Thank you Andrew, that’s great!

            BTW, cold and splendid… might it be cool and slender?

            And the ??, maybe: I’m feeling new, you wrote over me… (attempts at de-mumbling!)

  17. Looking for a song that probably came out between 2009 and 2013.

    Chorus: “I will be your guardian angel, pride and joy. Your secret spirit, cosmic toy. Guess i’ll have to wait and see if heaven holds a place for me”.
    I have been looking for it for years now.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Sorry, I meant cosmic toy.

      • I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to find it, but no luck yet sadly. I thought for a second I had it with the Abandon All Ships ‘Guardian Angel’ song from 2010 but if you are certain about the lyrics then it can’t be the one! I’ll try some more!

    • I’m also really looking for this song. I’ve been looking for it for years. I started to think I’d made it up ☹️

      • Cannot believe that with all our worldly new age tech, one cannot find this song. I distinctly remember this song but I cannot recall the year. “I will be your guardian angel, pride and joy, your secret spirit cosmic toy…” I can hear the tune perfectly….

        • Hi – It is a very late reply and i hope that somehow Penelope gets this answer. It is a song called “If I get to heaven”, by a South African Artist called Kreesan.

  18. It seems like I don’t have enough context clues to use the search strategies listed above. All I have to go on are these lyrics:

    in a room that’s elegant and well appointed
    you can find me, find me
    keeping all the cold things warm at night
    you can find me, find me
    Find Me would be the obvious possible title of this track, and I know it came out in the 90’s (’99 at the very latest), and that it’s probably an american afab person singing, but that’s not turning it up so far. I know I got the song from a person who was way into 4AD and a bunch of other small late-90’s labels. Is this ringing bells for anyone? Thanks!

    • Hi, do you remember if it was a female or male vocalist? If it was female, it could be Tarnation – they were on 4AD in the late 1990s. Equally, it could be someone like Mazzy Star or Cowboy Junkies…

    • Husikesque – Soul of Gold
      from Green Blue Fire, 1996

  19. Please, I would like do download a song with lyrics some like that:

    “let’s one way just you and I, You and I”

    It´s a girl singing it. I think it´s like indie song, not sure. Do you know the name of the song?

  20. I heard a song in the early 1980’s and I have been searching for the name but no luck. Male artist, possibly USA artist, possible blues feel, lyrics …there’s been some long and lonely nights since I first fell in love with you, ….. tell me baby/darlin ? what am I gonna do…. first you love me, then you leave me, and I can’t remember any more.

    • Is it Roy Buchanan – ‘Lonely Days, Lonely Nights’?

      • Thank you so very very much – I have been searching for years.
        This is the song – I am so happy you found it for me.
        Masses and masses of appreciation & thanks

        • I am so happy that I’ve been able to help you find this! 🙂 I know what it is like to love a tune, only to then find it impossible to reach!

          • Hi STEVEN – do you know the song /artist/with lyrics : we gotta try to hold back the night’ etc – male artist – u.s. i’d say – not the Trammps – only thing I can find on utube – with thanks – Janet/Sydney/ Australia.

  21. I am looking for slow dancing song with lyric

  22. I am looking for a song where the refrain repeats a girl’s name, something like ~”Ramona, Ramona, I love you so.”

  23. I remember reading Jane’s post about this post, and a year (two?) later, driven mad by a song stuck in my head, I found these suggestions really helpful! I *finally* identified the track and artist 🙌🏻. It was recorded at least once (appeared in a TV episode), but I can’t find it to stream or download anywhere. Almost like it’s been scrubbed from the Internet, except for onr terrible live performance video. Any suggestions on that front?

  24. At 9:30pm I decided to search for a song I love and needed in my library. It’s an instrumental Cha Cha and I figured it started in the early 60s. No luck. Then I broke the music down in my head…why is it so familiar to me…it’s Tea For Two…then I added Cha Cha…and it’s a Tommy Dorsey song, Tea For Two Cha Cha from 1958!
    It only took me two hours of non stop brain storming. I’m a Melomaniac so I feel extremely proud, because I was just about to ask for your help.

  25. Hello all, I am looking for this track released btw 1988/1989
    The verse is like
    I aint got no ???, I aint got no money
    I really miss my honey
    With the chorus
    What am I gonna do
    I just cant get over you
    I really miss my honey

  26. Could anybody help me find a song that I believe is called ‘Crickets’ Festival’ please? It’s from the 70’s and has a folk-y sound, if I recall! All the research I have found just points to Wanda and Willard Feldmann being the writers of the song, but I may be barking up the wrong tree?! I’d be forever grateful knowing the name of the act, and just to hear it again!

  27. It always happens to me. I find a new beautiful song, I listen and then forget to bookmark it. After some days I sudden remember the song and forget the name of the track.

    I always have to fight against this.

  28. Had the LP and CD of the Insiders album. Saw them jn Chicago in the 0s. Produced by George Martin I think or remember. Nick Hopkins is on one track.

    • Hi Fred. I stumbled across the LP in Stockholm last year and picked it up. Yep, Nicky Hopkins plays on “Sad Songs.” Can’t find any mention of George Martin, though; the album was produced by Jay O’Rourke, one of the band’s guitarists.

  29. You won’t believe this, but I’ve been trying to track down a song I believed to be called “Devotion” since it came out. Only problem is, I only knew the line “All I need is your devotion” and didn’t know who the band was – always thought it was Lone Justice! Anyway, this morning I was determined and by chance stumbled across this blog, and decided to search using Discogs. I knew it was no later than 1988, as there was a girl at my school who was a big Lone Justice fan and I remember asking her about the song. Unsurprisingly, she’d never heard of it. Anyway, scouring the 1980s section, and figuring it was a UK band, as I heard it on BBC Radio One at the time, I found it on the second page! The song was an album track called “Devotion” by Fruits Of Passion. Next stop – buy the LP!

    • Hi Ronnie. So glad to have been of service, and that you were able to solve the mystery!

      • Hi Mark! Looking for. Lyric guru! I’ve been trying to hear on radio stations this songs band name,never get it,but all I can ever interpret is. Chorus chanting “OH Ya!:Kings of a heart?Sounds like lte 80’s early 90’s? One verse naked swinging on an airplane? Lol! Help! Mark

  30. I’ve been trying, but so far, no luck. All I have to go on is that it was on a mix cd around 2000, was a female house DJ who sang along to her own mixes, possibly nordic, and the song stuck in my head starts with her saying what sounds like “Elizabeth, Elizabeth.”

    …I might die without hearing it again. [laugh]

  31. Can you remember the name of the DJ? Just wondering if she put out any compilations/mixes around that time. I used to follow Mrs Wood but she was more hard house. Can only think of ‘Underwater’ by Elizabeth Fraser, Crazy Red by Elizabeth, The Real Thing/Stop Playing Game by Reasons feat. Elizabeth Brown. Wish I could think of house tunes called Elizabeth!

  32. Hi I am trying to find a song from the early 1970’s can’t remember the artist, I think Australian blues/rock, about a baby not wanting to be born. Memory is cloudy but I think some of the lyrics are (all I can remember and may not be correct)

    “ don’t want to go through that tunnel, don’t want to be someone’s trouble.”
    “Look out momma I’m on my way, from my whipped cream paradise”

    I have searched for hours with no luck, hoping someone can help

  33. Hi, I have used all the methods above, and sadly no longer have the cassette. All I know is the track was played by Tommy Vance on the Friday Rock Show (UK) sometime in 1983. It was an extended jazz-prog rock song, with a pronounced fretless bass, starting off quiet, with just one simple piano chord repeated. The vocals kick in eventually – sounding croony, kind of like Zappa’s style. The only lyrics I can remember are his singing “strange, strange, strange” slowly, in descending chord shapes. Stylistically it was in the same ballpark as Brand X, UK and bands like that. If anyone can work it out, I’ll be forever in your debt (PS I have a vague recall of it poss being a solo artist – something like Big Bill Broonzy, that kind of name, but I might be entirely wrong)

    • Hi Guy, could it be ‘Strange’ by The Big Jim Sullivan Band from their album ‘Test Of Time’?

      • Thank you so much – you have solved a mystery that I thought would never be solved in my lifetime!! My next mission is to try and find a copy of the album. I owe you a very large drink of your choice.

        • I’m so glad it was the tune! Used to love the Tommy Vance show, good memories! I know what it’s like to be after a tune for many years – there are a couple on my list that I have pretty much given up on! p.s Anything vodka-based please haha!

  34. OK, trying to find an 80’s song. I remember the video (MTV), an African tribe was in a circle among some rocks, there was a circle painted on a rock, only lyrics I can remember where “C’mon and talk to me, you better talk to meeeee, fire in the mountain, (something) on the lake, … and I’ve took all I can take”. Very powerful, had an Afro-beat. I just had a couple of hours’ look through Discogs, nothing.

    • Hi Rebecca. I’m really hoping that what I think this is – is it! Because it’s a great tune. Is it ‘Talk To me (I Can Hear You Now)’ by Iam Siam?

  35. Hi Mark,

    I have been looking for a song I taped off a college radio show in the late 1990s. I have searched for it all over the internet to no avail and recently posted about it on Reddit (

    Someone posted the link to your blog post and I tried the methods listed and have found the song. Just wanted to write a note of gratitude to you. THANK YOU!!

    • You’re welcome! I’m always gratified to hear a success story!

      • so i dunno if its gone forever but the artist is Jason Revele or something very similar to that last name and the song was titled Just Remember , the lyrics start with {i am simply am not there} and say { with chris and layal too }maybe like 5 or 6 years ago hes a local white rapper talks about the father/ creator hes also from BC AND super lowkey might of been charged for sexual assault on a minor lol please and in the video hes got footage of him on stage doing the song help please i hate google search <3

  36. Mark – pls help me ! all my friends think I’m making this up. I have partial lyrics to a late-1960’s (?) song that literally NO ONE else that I know …. knows !!! I have no idea who the group is either, making this search even more impossible. here are the lyrics that I do know (chorus ?) :

    Ya, you’re the one I love
    You’re the one I’m dreaming of
    …. don’t know this next line ….
    You’re the one that I want to save me

    that’s all I can recall. like I said – probably late 1960’s, and I don’t know the band.

    I’m old now, and may just have to take this one to my grave, without sharing with others ?

    • “you’re the one” by the vogues (1965)

    • Hi Cathy, I am pretty certain that the song you are after is ‘Direction’ by ‘Grin’.
      If it is, the lyrics go:
      (I need direction)
      I need a girl to love
      you’re the one I’m thinking of
      I need an innocent lady,
      you’re the joy that I want to save me…
      I have my paws crossed that it’s your tune!

  37. that’s not it. thanx anyways

    the lyrics that I remember clearly repeat the word “direction”. which always lead me to believe that the song itself is called either “Direction” or “I need Direction”

  38. Dear detective, I’m froma little third world country in South America, sometime in the 80’s /90’s befor I came to the USA, there was a gospel song playing in my homeland, never got the group’ s name nor the name of the song, I’ve tried using my limited skills to find it since, but no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I Could only remember the chorus:

    The grass is always greener
    The sky forever blue
    We all know that something’s better there for us to do
    We feel we can get over
    You believe you’ve got it made
    All problems will be solved
    If we could only find a way to the other side.

  39. I am looking for a song from the 1980–1990s decade. The first line was “I want to be a star da da…I want to be a star”. I cannot remember the group nor song name.

    • Hi Christopher. Can you remember what kind of music it was – op, rock, dance, quirky? There is one song that came to mind when I saw your message, but it’s a very strange (but good!) tune. All the best.

    • Sounds like the same song I’ve been searching for, was played very often by a South African radio station OFM back in the mid to late 80’s

      Sounds like:
      Lata tida daa
      I want to be a star
      Bodyguards to keep the fiends away

      A male singer only from memory

  40. today on the radio i heard some rock song, vaugely led zepplin-y, it was very catchy and was repeating a lyric like “love me please” or “love me again”. i know i’ve heard it before, but i can’t remember enough lyrics to find it online.

  41. Searching for years a song that i’m not sure for the lyrics

    I heard it for first AND ONLY ONE TIME IN 2002

    IF I REMEMBER GOOD the lyrics goes something like this

    ” We found you OR we fond year ”

    At the end of the chorus i remember this

    ” We told you, we disappear tonight, we disappear tonight ”

    It was a pop rock song,
    and the vocals are SO SIMILAR TO CARTOON BOYFRIEND ( that was not the band )

    Sorry, but i really hope some one to understand what i’m mean

  42. I read your article and tried your recommendations among many others and I still can’t find my song. A piece of it is all I can find, appearing at the end of Cold Case Files episode A Son Remember. Sounds very Chris Cornell ballad-ish. Among lyrics are “I can’t tell you what it takes to process everything I still make my mistakes (unintelligible) Reassure my spirit now it’s ok (unintelligible) do what you can to survive.” Here’s that episode on A&E’s site:

  43. I just found your site and I am THAT guy. 27 years of searching and still no idea what this tune is. I’ve tried most things, crowd-sourcing, contacting DJs who may have played it and looking through Discogs. This one is elusive to say the least. There is just this one vocal sample in it ‘ooh ooh ooh woah wo’ – I’m totally stumped. I can tell you that every other tune on this mixtape was released in 1993 so it is likely that this is from that year.

    Here is the track:

  44. I have tried to no avail to find the sample to what I was told was an 80’s song by the artist who used it as a sample. Artist’s name is ‘sparkly night’ & the song is called ‘make it right’—it is on youtube: Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

  45. Hi Mark. I’m hoping you can help. I heard a song on a country radio station in the 90’s by a female singer. (Although the song may be more rhythm and blues than country.) The theme was a young girl is taken to her mother’s work and another “waitress” sits her down to tell her about the “boys and the blues.” All I can remember other than the catchy tune and her deep voice, is the below lyrics and maybe a horn/trumpet (?)

    “You’ve got more class than your Mamma and there’s a lot more at stake to lose

    Never give your last name
    never take a deep breath
    never give your number, he’ll bug you to death,”

    I’ve tried searching the lyrics for years, singing the song on the apps with no luck. I’m hoping you have more luck. Thank you.

  46. Hello. I’m writing to you in the hope that you’ll be able to find in your archives. I am specifically looking for the title of a piece of music that was used to promote the program Cinéma 12 Midnight Movie in the 1975’s at CFCF 12 TV channel in Montréal. This tv promotion usually ran in the afternoon and broadcast excerpts from films accompanied by orchestral music with a distinct synthesizer beginning. The piece mixed orchestral sound with modern sound.

    I’ve been trying to find this piece for a long time now and I’ve been looking for the name of the LP album I bought in 1975. From memory, the whole album was instrumental. Thank you for helping me in my search and maybe finally find an answer to my questioning that has been going on for so many years.

  47. i recently tried your suggestion about searching through discogs for songs with little information. sad to say, i came up empty. i was wondering if you could help me out. the main lyric i remember is “the radio is still playing.” the audio that i can remember is what sounds like am stations being tuned in at the beginning, a mellow bass line, and very calm vocals. thank you.

  48. OMG LOL your brilliant mark haha! I do this same thing and it makes me NUTS CUZ I HAVE OCD! and I can’t do ANYTHING right until I find out what song it is because it drives me CRAZY! And most the time 99% of the time I end up finding it but this song I only have like 1 or 2% of it! 😭 this happens to be one of those 1% times and I’m losing my MIND!!!!! I can’t think of It for the life of me!!!! anymore and if I did it probably would be wrong so I’ll just say what I know for sure and maybe genious you ir someone else ( one of your followers off of here ) will know?! ( I HOOE ! ) crossing fingers!) so my boyfriend was watching a show on tv and I heard a song play only a few seconds before it switched scenes and I freaked out cuz I love that old song and I wanted to hear it he had me go and look up this website to apply for a job since he’s been asking all day and we only have my one phone for web access unfortunately at this time so I went to go it dreading cuz I kept thinking of the song….. so then I couldn’t stop thinking of it so I started to search….. after 20 minutes or so I remembered he would know what show he was watching so I asked him to rewind but he says he changed channels since then!!!!! Ugh and he didn’t know the band or never seen it see it’s not a big deal he don’t have OCD so he don’t understand how important it is to me!!!!! but now I can’t! rewind the show he moved way to far from there!!!! So hopefully you can help all I know is I’m pretty sure Italy’s an older rock song but it’s very soft and slow with a really cool sound effect in background…. a man singing it….. and only things I remember him saying is “ I’m not alone! I think he says I’m not alone following oh no! So it’s something like “ I’m not alone, “ oh no” , I’m not alone!

    Ugh I can’t find NOWHERE ITS MAKING ME Nuts! Thanks in advance n I’ll let you know if I find it! Thanks!
    Ps: it’s not any of these songs I list! Cuz I BEILEVE it’s an 80s song! And I know it doesn’t help that it has same lyrics or song name As a lot of songs! So I feel I might never find and the craziest thing about it is I can year it in my head now but just don’t know any other words 😭😡 lol!
    It’s not:
    Calvin Harris
    David Bowie
    Bruce springsting
    Marie Miller

    Love, Sarah

    • Just a hunch but could it be this one?

      • oh my GOD!!!!!!! IT IS 🤣 HAHAHA!!!!!!!! VERY IMPRESSED!!!!! 10cc!!!!! AND I THOUGHT IT SAID IM NOT ALONE BUT YOU FOUND IT IT SAYS IM NOT IN LOVE HAHAHA!!!! HOW DID YOU EVER FIND IT?!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH SORRY FOR LATE REPLY HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO FIND IT?!?!?! I can’t BEILEVE I didn’t remember the “ big boys don’t cry part cuz that totally would have done it hahaha YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  49. Is this thread still active?
    Tried to use Discogs to find a song but can’t.
    It was on the sound system in a retail store. It was an R & B song. The song right after it was “Weekend Girl” by SOS so maybe this mystery song is from the 1980s or maybe not.
    The lyrics were something like “brothers and sisters I’ll give you shelter.”
    Then at times he seems to be singing “You and I”.
    The ending seems to have a lot of “I’ll keep you warm. I’ll keep you warm.”
    Cool stuff Mark. Thanks.

  50. Hope this is still active… Reposting my question:

    Tough one: song heard on KROQ (Los Angeles) in the early 80s. Hook was “I was impressed/ when you got undressed”. Other lyrics “let’s not talk about love I say, you never liked me anyway” [or, I never liked you; not sure]
    Probably an indie; standard searches turn up nothing. Does anybody know it?!
    I’ll be impressed 🙂

    • Hi George, I saw your comment and originally spent a few hours searching. My fave music seems always be from that time period so we especially keen to know the song too. Sadly I didn’t find anything, but I’m going to try again for you! – Bluey G

      • Thx Bluey!…I’ve been searching too. Almost certainly an indie, it doesn’t show up in the usual places, discogs, databases… I wonder, does KROQ have archives that far back? Next time I’m in LA I should pay them a visit.

        • You’re welcome! Wish I could reply with good news, but nothing yet. Was it a male or female vocalist? I’m wondering if it was the next track on a compilation featuring SOS Band, or a ‘same label’ record being played, or no links to them at all!

          • Male vocalist.
            I doubt it’s SOS, didn’t sound like them.
            –did some local band just slip a tape to Jed the Fish or somebody?!

  51. Apologies George, that comment was mean’t to be for David above, as was searching for both again, oops. Just reading about Jed The Fish, sounds like a very cool DJ (I’m in the UK and din’t know him so good to learn something today!) Right i’m going to try and do another search. The lyrics you heard sound so familiar that it’s driving me crazy!

  52. I’m still hunting for a mid 70s tune that it seems only I know and nobody else does! 😉

    I’ve tried all the lyric finder apps. Anyone here any good at finding mid 70s pop?

    This is how I remember the lyric:

    “Baby baby baby I can see it in your eyes you don’t have to tell me that it’s over,
    Baby baby bay, baby baby baby, you don’t have to say you love ‘just because the way it used to be”

    If anyone can give me any pointers I’d be very pleased as I have sung these few lines to myself for well over 40 years 😉

    • Hi Lilpink. Can you remember if it was a male or female singing, and was it rock, pop, disco? I’ll try and do some searching 🙂 Best wishes.

      • Thank you Bluey G! It was definitely a pop or very early pop meets disco sort of track. I *think* it was a male voice and it would have been mid 70s I’m sure. I can’t be 100% but I’d surprised if it was later than 75 or 76.
        Appreciate your help. So infuriating to have a 40 plus year old ear worm 😀

    • I think it’s called you lost that loving feeling can’t remember the singer

  53. Looking for song just heard but couldn’t shazam before it ended. Know it was a real popular song in past decade I believe. Female singer, pop song. Main chorus is “You’ve got….” then I couldn’t hear. Think it also said “you and I are are in this together” or something similar.

  54. Can someone please help me identify the song title that includes the following lyrics:

    “I can’t take it, I just can’t take it, now I’m leaving and I ain’t coming back, before you grooving, I’ll be packing and moving and you’ll come home finding me gone.”

    It may have been a 70’s slow R&B song.

    Thank you for any leads!

    • You’re in luck. I was looking fo this too. And I found it!

      Odia Coates, “You Come and You Go”

      Find it on youtube!

  55. Mark, thanks for the article.
    Just the hint that you can filter the albums on discogs and the screenshot that there are album covers visible helped me to finally find the track I was looking for a long time, just by searching for the album (cover), not the song itself. It took only 20 minutes to look through all Italian CD compilation releases from year 2000, and one of the cover was very familiar to me. Turned out that was the album I was looking for.

  56. can you find the song with lyrics “only grey skies when you’re gone,” probably from the 70’s maybe? Then a line, “I know I know I know I know I know”

  57. Im looking for this 80’s song by an English group w/lyrics saying caught in the moment of ecstacy [ecstaceee. And those are the only lyrics i remember. The group sounds like the English beat and general public.

  58. Hi Mark, I’m looking for the title of a piano instrumental that got a lot of radio play in the early 1970s. It was slow tempo, not jazz or blues, possibly by Roberta Flack but not sure. I don’t have a recording of it and don’t know how to post a recording of anything I could do myself. Time 4/4, minor key. Scale notes were: low5, 1, 2, 3, low 5, 1, 2, 3, low 6, 1, 2, 3, high 5, 4, 3, 2, low 5, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, flat 7 1, flat 7, 6, low5, 4, low5. Melody was repeated, then came a major section. I really don’t want to join Reddit just for this question. Can you help? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Dana. I don’t play the piano so this is a bit of a shot in the dark… could it be Song For Guy by Elton John, which was a piano almost-instrumental hit which was probably best described as ‘pop’. It might be quite an obvious sounding answer to many, but instrumentals are quite often difficult ones to name! All the very best.

      • Wow, that was fast! Looked it up on YouTube – unfortunately, that’s not it. The one I’m looking for doesn’t sound pop – it’s rather moody. Any other ideas welcome.

    • Hi Dana. You were already 99% of the way there—that’s “Mood,” the final track on 1972’s Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway album.

      • Awesome, Mark! I haven’t thought of that song for literally decades, until it “appeared” in my head the other day. Its combination of somberness and hope seems fitting for our current troubles. Thanks for helping me view again and from afar a small marker of my youth (I was in high school when the record came out).

  59. Looking for a song from tbe 70 -80period right now all i can reme3 is a lyric. And then i must of benn high. Please i hope someone can help me out.
    Thanks and stay safe.

  60. I’m chasing a song by a singer I heard on YouTube sometime between 2010-2018. How would I look the song up using these methods? I know some details , can describe the singer and some details about the song. But I’m stuck after that.

    • Great question, Chris. My method is indeed dependent on a song having been ‘officially’ released as an audio recording under what must increasingly be acknowledged as a somewhat old-fashioned paradigm. If you have reason to suspect that your song only ever existed in a video—never as a stand-alone audio recording—then my method falls flat. It does beg the question of how long it’ll take for Google to develop an AI which is capable of absorbing every video, interpreting their contents, and applying appropriate—and searchable—metadata tags.

  61. Hello everyone,

    I need your help to know the title/artist of that song 🙂
    It’s a disco 80’s song.

    From 23 min.25s

    If you know it, I pay you a beer ahahah.

  62. I’m looking for a song by an independent band from Nova Scotia, Canada from the 80’s or 90’s … might be called The 4 Tops or The 4 Seasons (obviously not the famous bands)… part of the lyrics to the song are: “You’re my precious little baby girl, best damn person in the whole wide world. When I’m feeling down or I’ve lost my way, one look at you and I feel ok. If I were to lose you I wouldn’t survive cause you are the dream that keeps me alive, it’s true, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do – I’d give it all for you.”
    If you could help me find a track (even just audio) to this song it would be greatly appreciated!!

  63. I’m looking for a song from Beverly Hills 90210 season 9, episode 19. These are the lyrics
    same old story the same old dance don t wanna be another failed romance without each other we don’t stand a chance and that’s the thing about the thing about love.
    Thank you very much!! (I have been searching for it for 2 months now)

  64. Hi, I need help identifying this track from early 1990s. I heard it from a trance radio show and been searching for it since. It starts out with a trance beat with a female chanting, then she starts singing. This might not be the exact lyrics but I remember her singing something like “ Wishing on a star, no matter where you are, stars shining bright”. I found the part where she was chanting from a trance track by Raddle B.
    I hope this helps. Thank you

  65. Does anyone know the Tyrannosaurus Rex (or T Rex) song with that same name? Or subtitle? I remember a dj back-announcing such a song about 50 years ago, and he made a big deal about it because the band had the same name as the song. Even nowadays, only a handful of bands have songs with the same title as the band, or the same title as the band AND the LP. Title searches on the Internet don’t help much because they either turn up EVERYTHING that mentions T Rex, or they turn up title lists that certainly do NOT have all the band’s titles. Please use you extensive knowledge to help solve this mystery. Thank you.

    • That is indeed strange. I love their early music, I own a lovely ‘Unicorn’ original! The only thing I can assume is that the DJ was talking about their first album after they shortened their name. I wonder if there are any unreleased demos still out there?

  66. Thanks Mark! Great article and advice. Managed to find the track I was seeking!

  67. Looking for the title of a song that was played on Sirus Radio on 2/25/21 between 10:00 – 11:am with “change last name” in the lyrics

  68. Hi Mark. There is a song from the 80s, I believe it’s British and it’s a Synthpop track. It’s from a 4-track whitelabel EP, but the EP itself has nothing on the sleeve at all except for some stuff etched in the middle. Here’s what the guy who uploaded the video says about the vinyl, in the first reply to my comment, asking where he picked it up from: “hi, it was in my dad’s record collection. it’s a 4 track EP and there is nothing on it at all except for some stuff etched in the middle. YCU – 001, MT and PA 3493 which i couldn’t link to anything online. the U could possibly be a V also” The uploader has searched on Discogs but to no avail. The reason he got it was because he was making an account on there for his dad but this is the only record of his he could not log.

    The lyrics to the track, in full, are:

    I got something I want to say to you
    Choosing words can be so hard
    My feelings stay inside me
    They find it hard to be free
    Only fools never rush in

    Been hurt more times than I could mention
    She made it seem like yesterday’s dreams
    Wanna see her any time
    6, 7, 8 or 9
    Anywhere at all

    I don’t mind goin’ out on a Monday,
    Any place you know
    Ooh, when Julie’s around me
    I don’t care where I go

    I don’t mind goin’ out on a Tuesday
    Any place you know
    Ooh, when Julie’s around me
    I don’t care where I go

    Been hurt more times than I could mention
    She made it seem like yesterday’s dreams
    Wanna see her any time
    6, 7, 8 or 9
    Anywhere at all

    Chorus x2
    I don’t mind goin’ out on a Tuesday
    Any place I know
    Ooh’ when Julie’s around me
    I don’t care where I go

    Ooh, when Julie’s around me
    I don’t care where I go


    Ooh *tut*


    That’s all I know about the song. Quite a lot to go on here. The uploader’s going to record the rest of them this weekend for me, he said.

    I’ve googled some of the lyrics to this song but haven’t come up with anything.

  69. Hello – for years I’ve been trying to identify a song from May or June 1993 which Musically sounded a bit like Shaggy or US3 but is neither. Male vocalist, probably of Wast Indies origin or similar. I have not heard it anywhere since. Simon Mayo used to play it on his Radio 1 breakfast show but I don’t think it was a big hit. I believe it contained the lyric Boom Boom Boom Boom (NOT outhere Brothers!). Had quite a repetitive but catchy tune. Any ideas?

  70. I was on Spotify last week and in my discover new music playlist, there was this song that played that I really want to hear again! I really don’t remember any of the lyrics, but here is what I do know:
    It’s sung by an androgynous black artist, I’m leaning towards a female. Very closely cropped to the head black hair and plain looking clothing. The artist’s profile picture was the artist looking through a window but behind the window their is a mirror, because you see the artist’s image/face again. Also, the artist’s tag line when you hover over their info said something to the effect of “SOCIALLY DISTANT’ or “Safe not Social” or something definitely Covid related, they even put a trademark sign next to the tagline. I think the song may have reference being ALONE. I feel better alone or something. Please help!! I am tired of searching Spotify by looking at endless loops of artists and similar to artists pages. Also, I can no longer access that Discover Weekly music list because I am just using the free desktop version and it only shows the most current list. If anyone knows who this artist is, you are my HERO!!

  71. Hi there & help please! Going insane. This song used to be played by a DJ in 1984 1985. I think it is an American woman and these are the only lyrics I can remember. Sorry they may not be in the right order! Not sure if it was an import to UK.
    ” When I called you up on the telephone – you never seem to be at home – can’t you see what you doing to me – my life is in a crazy mess – I want you to be happy – wanna spend my life with you” that’s all I can remember!!
    Please advise thanking you in advance – Karla B

  72. Hello, I’m looking for assistance identifying the song/band/artist in the first few seconds of the link below. I assume it’s new wave or rock from the early 80s, but can’t be sure. I contacted Chrysalis, as I assume it’s Chrysalis-based. Shazam and other apps don’t work as the clip is too short. Any clues? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi MH I’d like to try and help you to find this. I am fascinated. I have about five Chrysalis singles that came out at that time – Ultravox, Spandau Ballet, Fun Boy Three/Private Lives etc… and I don’t recognise the end of that song. Pop/Rock/New Wave 1981 hmm, need to know too now!

    • Hi MH (and Steve). My two cents: I wouldn’t count on your mystery song being a Chrysalis release, or necessarily from 1981—because, despite the Chrysalis watermark in the video, when the Fun Boy Three song ends the next video that’s about to play is Turning Japanese by The Vapors (1980), which was released on United Artists, not Chrysalis.

      However, the common thread is that by 1980 both UA and Chrysalis were owned by the EMI Group, so there’s a pretty good chance that the record was on EMI or one of its subsidiaries, released in either 1980 or ’81.

      If I were searching by the methods laid out in my post, I’d:
      – pick one of those labels
      – use Discogs to look at the master list of that label’s releases
      – sort them by year, oldest to newest
      – skip ahead to the 1980 releases
      – scan through the list of ’80-81 releases, looking for singles (not albums)
      – skip over any artists that clearly aren’t a new wave band with a male singer
      – click through to the detail page for any singles that look promising
      – watch YouTube videos to see if that’s your song
      – repeat as needed

      Hope that helps.

      • Hi Mark, Hi MH. After a little further search I decided to go to the YouTube link and there, a fortnight ago, was the answer! Turns out to be John Watts (ex Fischer Z) with ‘Speaking A Different Language’… on, yes, EMI! Now the next big mystery is – why wasn’t this a hit?! I think it’s great, but has until now completely passed me by.

      • Hi all thanks so much for your assistance! I actually found out myself the answer to my own question and posted the answer on the YouTube page, so that was me. 🙂

        I can’t believe that John Watts’ voice didn’t jump out at me when listening to it, especially since I am very familiar with Fischer-Z. However I didn’t know John Watts went solo, so it just clicked one day like wait a minute!

        I highly recommend that song, as well as “involuntary movement” and “I smelt roses”. Both are incredible songs and I wish John watts got more credit. Here in America nobody really knows him or FZ

        Take care all and enjoy !

        • I’m SO glad you’ve found it. I too didn’t recognise his voice at all from the end of that video clip, but I know two songs – The Worker, and Perfect Day – both great. I really love these ‘TMS’ searches, can be hard work but it pays off in so many ways. I’m now wanting to buy more John Watts 🙂

  73. Hi my sister-in-law is trying to find a song.
    She says its 70s or 80s male group and it’s a ballad. “We believe, We believe in paradise” is part of the chorus. I hope you can help us out with this one.

  74. I got to this post because I was trying to hunt down a song to which my friends used to sing what were almost certainly misheard lyrics (too risque to be right), and I have no idea what the real ones are. I have no recording either, but it would have been some time in the early 1980s, probably 1983 or before. I heard the song at least once, possibly on some educational movie in school but I’m not sure, but then my teenage friends started quoting a version that, again, I’m sure were not the actual lyrics:

    Meat to the c*nt– say what?
    Just keep your mouth shut!

    The lines were delivered in a sort of quasi-rapping style with what I remember as a sparse rhythmic accompaniment although I don’t think it quite sounded like hip-hop exactly. I’ve tried searching under “say what” and “keep your mouth shut” which I think might have been actual correct lyrics, but no success so far. I’m not even sure if it was a publicly released song or only created for this educational video where I think I heard it.

    A train of thought just reminded me of it recently. Any ideas?

    • The only song that springs to mind is Say What by Trouble Funk which came out in 1982 or 1983. With rap, quite sparse beat, words like Freak your meat to the beat say what… This party piece… I’ll pump them all with the greatest of ease!

      • Thanks for the lead– just listened to that on YouTube and it doesn’t sound like it though. Don’t know if my mystery will ever be solved.

  75. I’m trying to find the name of a rock song from 1968. One night I was going through the internet and I found a list titled ” Very obscure or forgotten songs of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The first song I listened to was ” We Say Yeah” by the Rapiers. The next song is the one I’m inquiring about. The song features a drawing of a clock in a blue sky. The singer of the song sounded like Leonard Cohen or Pink Floyd, but I know it wasnt either . The lyrics had “New Orleans” and ” Sargent” in it. Anyone have any clue?

    • Hi Mickey. Just curious: did the list definitively state your mystery song as being from 1968? I ask because The Rapiers, despite looking and sounding straight out of the 60s, didn’t actually begin making records until 1984; they’re a throwback group. That makes me wonder if the compilers of that list might have also been mistaken about the true vintage of other songs on the list.

  76. There is an old rockabilly song that I just cannot find anywhere no matter what. Male singer with a fast pace. Theres also a fast piano in the background. Chorus Lyrics is “come on pretty baby, why dont you come on” If someone could help that would be amazing!

  77. There’s a song I’ve been trying to ID since I heard it on the radio in Sydney in the early 80s — a UK new wave or regional indie song I think, with a wordless massed vocal our — just sort of “babababadah” sung in a build toward the end, with all the instrumental part slowly fading down to leave the big worldless vocal chorus.

    Can anyone ID it from that?

    • The ONLY tune I can think of from the top of my head is ‘IF’ by Weapon Of Peace, which is early 80s UK but probably more reggae in sound than New Wave. Lovely tune. I will give this more thought as I am a big fan of early 80s New Wave vinyl!

      • It really had a more retro Ray Conniff/Swingle Singers reference in the feel, thought it was definitely an early 80s indie song — I think from the UK.

        • For some reason that brings ‘Curtain’ by Marden Hill to mind. A UK él release from (I think) 1986. Fantastic tune but I bet it’s not the one you’re after!

          • No it isn’t — but I’d never heard this and it’s great, thanks so much for putting me onto it! The track I’m after has a similar-ish feel — but a more driving urgency, and as I recall it the instruments all drop away by the end, leaving a soaring driving mass dabadah chorale. Anyway, thanks again!

  78. what is the name of a country rock song with ” he was a she” in the lyrics.

  79. I am looking for 1970s song with lyrics inmy room having time of my life in my room

  80. Hi, I’m desperately trying to find the title of a country music song my dad used to listen to, probably from the 70s or 80s. I can remember quite a lot of the lyrics but can’t find it anywhere. Lyrics are “it seems to me we just danced all night, the music ended and on came the light, I asked ?? (something like Kadaleen so possibly Kathleen) if I could take her home. She said I could and to get to her place, I drove like devil so time wouldn’t waste, I couldn’t wait to get that girl alone.” The chorus is “She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes, I told her that I loved her after a side and that she was the sweetest thing I’d seen. She just didn’t hear a word I said, the music played she shook her head, the beat seemed to take o’er poor Kathleen.” And another verse “I kissed Kathleen long and hard and when it was over she leaned forward and switched the goddam record player on.” Any help would be hugely appreciated.

  81. Fascinating stuff, but I am no closer to finding a song I’ve been hunting for nearly 30 years. Can you help please?

    My friend’s sister had a mixtape in the early 90s (not sure if it was a compilation or radio recordings), and there was a song on it, possibly 80s, kind of pop r&b. The chorus said ‘slow dancing’, lyrics prior to that were something like “if I smiled at you, would you walk away, would you have this dance with me… Woah-oh-oh slow dancing”. I don’t know the artist, year, title and don’t have audio. Tried discogs, YouTube, streaming but I keep getting the same songs (Lindsey Buckingham, JTempchin etc)

  82. Ha, that’s the song! I swear the version I heard was a female vocal, but it was a long time ago. Thank you

  83. I use to tune to a music station turn on my cassette recorder and then later play the cassette and pick the songs I wanted to keep. In the 80’s I was taping a Country station and found a song to this day cannot find the correct title or female artist. The key lines at the end of a verse are “Like pennies from a wishing well, only time will tell” another line is “747 heading for heaven taking baby away”

  84. A majority of people probably won’t know this. I watch gacha, and I can’t seem to find the “We gotta go” meme song. No matter what and where I search up. Does anyone happen to know it? The main thing is just saying “we gotta go, gotta go” repeatedly

  85. hi i heard a folk style song a while ago i remember some lyrics and i am dying to know the song!
    the verse says “you say that i’ve been loved too much” (and i think the song is called ‘loved too much’)
    the chorus says “go tell those lies about me, they’ll lie with the roses and tell you they know your pain, again and again”

    i know that’s so random but i hope you can find it!

    • Hi Hope! I think I know this song. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it has a cool video on youTube. The act is Ma Polaine’s Great Decline and they’ve released a few albums.

  86. Can you help me find the most difficult song? So I Try Every Hardest Song I Dont Have Idea To Search Since Moby Porcelain,Be Gees How Deep In Your Love And Shaggy Wasn’t me There’s A Song That Says Love Write Twice o Wise Keep You Never ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta The Melody Familiar I Suspect Is Lionel Ritchie o Other Band

  87. Peaceful greetings. Apologies for the dearth of certain details and the fading of what was remembered. Heard a song in a local grocer, in US, several months back. Time elapsed before I was able to search. The overall aesthetic was of a vintage era; maybe blues, country blues, — genres are so subjective, i wouldn’t normally mention, but i don’t have much else to go on. Voice sounds masculine (as opposed to feminine — i won’t presume gender, but i will say that much). I remember the vocals being a focal point, maybe a guitar, but I’m not certain of any additional instruments. Theme seems to be one of remorse, currently unrequited feelings. Lyrics included something such as being willing to swim/cross some type of water (ocean, river, etc.) and of wanting to be/get back in the loved one’s life/love. … Without any exact lyrics, I’ve been discovering some interesting results, but not the song. I haven’t been keeping list of rule-outs, which occurs to me now and seems a good enough idea to recommend. Assistance with finding the song and/or figuring out how to go about a more effective search would be appreciated. Take Care.

    • It is not:
      “Cross the River” — Carly Simon
      “Better Man” — Leon Bridges
      “Cross Every River” — Kym Marsh
      “To Be in Your Arms” — Laissez Faire
      “I’d Climb the Highest Mountain” — Ricky Nelson
      “One More Mountain to Climb” — Neil Sedaka
      “Many Rivers to Cross” — Jimmy Cliff
      “Because I Love You” — Shakin’ Stevens
      “Could You Love Me One More Time” — bluegrass
      “Lover’s Farewell” — bluegrass
      “Tell Me That You Love Me” — bluegrass
      “The Storms are on the Ocean” — bluegrass
      “To Prove My Love To You” — bluegrass
      “Broken Hearted Lover” — bluegrass
      “Deep River Blues” — blues
      “Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance” — Bob Dylan
      “Till the End of the World Goes Round” — Flatt & Scruggs
      pretty sure it’s none of the lyrics on Jims Roots and Blues website lyrics & charts

    • haven’t been searching for a while, but still curious. maybe, if anyone would suggest lyrics they’ve heard that might fit the theme, even if they don’t know the song, i can try to search with the suggested lyrics and hopefully solve this mystery.

  88. What’s the song that goes boom boom rest repeat or something like that cuz I forgot and I want to listen to it too

  89. I cant remember what song this is but its stuck in my head.

    Pretty sure it was rap and had a fully animated music video that was rather competent.
    It shows a younger version of himself and also talks about having done drugs. He’s petting a dog at one point that turns out to be a womans thigh, and was of he lines was ” sometimes I think I did too many” refering to all the drugs that he’d tried/done.
    The album art was drawn and im pretty showed a backyard with a pool with him on the pool on a inflatable chair with other people around the yard.

    have obssesed about it for 2 days and would love the help.

  90. Anyone remember a music video from late 1970s or 1980 (no later). I watched it on TV in Netherlands. Sung in English. Same vibe as Taco Puttin on the Ritz, but not that song. Had a Big Band with mannequins playing trombone, as I recall. Would like to watch it again and get it out of my head.

  91. Looking for a song title from the 90’s. Female singer, easy listening, slow, calm, non-offensive song, with lyrics, “If you find you’re looking for the one who…”, OR, “When you find you’re looking for the one who…”.

  92. OK. So…. what do you do if you don’t know the name or lyrics of the song, or who sang it, but you’d know it if you heard it again and your only clues are that it came out in the late 90s or early 00’s, it was a male singing lead, and it was used in a commercial (possibly for some hair care product, beer, or cologne /perfume)? It had a “feel good” vibe. This song has eluded me for years….. I could die happy if I can figure it out.

  93. I heard a song on someone’s video on TikTok, I only have random lyrics. I have searched everywhere, and I’m not kidding you. If by chance you have a free moment I would so appreciate you taking a whack at it- it’s a Female Singer- Random Lyrics-1- you can tell me lies, tell me tell me lies, tell me why, tell me I’m the one, 3-you got to FUCKING draw the line, I’ve been just your type, play on any insecurities, 2-lead me on then they leave, in fact their never there, throw the blame out everywhere no one can compare, your just never wrong, here’s your problem now, I don’t care your playing with my mind somehow every time. The numbers are the order I heard those lyrics! Thanks so much!

  94. You just helped me identify a great I failed to identify for three weeks through many other means. Greatly appreciate. And it took me 5 min after opening this brog to try it out successfully!

  95. I’m looking for a song from Beverly Hills 90210 season 9, episode 19. These are the lyrics:
    “same old story the same old dance don t wanna be another failed romance without each other we don’t stand a chance and that’s the thing about the thing about love”
    Thank you very much!!

  96. I’m looking for a song but the only lyrics I know are : “I just wish you could have been honest or tell me that I’m too nice or that your loved died all the way back in august

  97. Hi all, looking for a soft/country song circa 1976; female singer. The verse started with something like “In the summertime…”. It was noteable in that it featured steel drums (I recall) at the end of each verse. It got a bit of airplay in the UK at the time, but I don’t think it was a big hit. Any clues? Thanks

  98. I suspect I’m on the wrong trail but it couldn’t be Fallin’ In Love In The Summertime – Tina Charles could it?

  99. 1972-country song
    All I remember is “Would you believe that it happens more often than not” ……”here’s to all the ladies wherever they are”

  100. Hi all.
    I really need some help here.
    I have been looking for a song back in the 80´s i think.
    The music video start with a couple are lock in a box in a store.
    Then they jump out of the box and jump out of the window to the street.
    At the end of the video the couple will get back in the box to hide from the gaurd.

    Anyone remember that song and the name of this group.
    Thanx for your help.

  101. Going crazy trying to find a song 🥲. It was some kind of British import mid 90s. I honestly only had it on a cassette I lost and I remember certain phrases. Make band. But not 100 percent sure of the exact words.
    “I can’t remember setting up last night…”
    Just celebrate it with your new found (fling?)”
    “ And I’m here if you want…”
    Is this the love, I’ll Make it mine”
    “And I’m here for you here for you…”
    “Is it right now?”
    Any help would be appreciated
    It was a beautiful song

  102. Hi. I am looking for the ‘cmon and love me babe’ female vocal sample form this song. Any ideas anyone?


  103. Heard a song in March 2018 and thought I caught parts of the lyrics. Can’t find anything so I must have misunderstood something.

    Female singer, tempo/type of song a bit like I Will Love Again by Lara Fabian.

    The phrase I caught was like “You are (or you’re) the (or my) coast when am lost out at sea”. Even if I missed/misheard something, the sentiment was like this.

    And then a lot of You Are, You are in the chorus.

    Please help, this is driving me crazy.

  104. Adding my mystery song to the list!

    Heard a hip hop / rap track on public radio in Georgia in the 2010s, sounded like a 90s mixtape track but could be a more contemporary artist – all I was able to remember / write down is a lyric snippet:

    one man’s hero is another man’s terrorist; the blind lead the blind, both deceived by appearances

    never been able to find any record of a lyric like that anywhere

  105. Hi guys I need help …
    I need to know that song name …” Piece of shit I don’t care if you going missing”

  106. I know the name of the song but it’s not played by the original artists. It’s a song performed by a rock band in the 90’s. The song is ‘I think I love you ‘ but I don’t remember the artist. I’m fairly certain it is also played during the end credits if scream 2. The song starts with an electric guitar, is fast paced, and the lead singer is screams I think I love you in the first chorus

  107. I need help finding a song that’s been stuck in my head for years. Can’t seem to find it but it’s a guy singing that has a deep voice like Micheal McDonald and he sings,
    “Last night I dreamt I saw heaven…, I saw my mother there, standing on the stairs..” then i think the next verse is possibly, “last night I dreamt of an angel…,”. That’s all i can remember and google is no help. This is a ballet That’s possibly from the 70’s -80s because it would come on an oldies station that played music from that era.
    Any ideas?

  108. Hi all,

    I’m looking for a song where this young woman ( maybe in the middle of her 20s) , in a music video: she has dark shoulder length hair and is ( singing very monotone or light sounding when she sings but it’s in harmony with guys on the string instruments. ) she’s in a house thats by itself or stranded. The house inside is kinda of dark but with dimmed lights or candles or both. The camera pans over to the window to overlook the waves, then goes back to her as she sings. when she pauses it the camera pans over to the rest of band with one of the guys on a string instrument that’s playing standing on top of table or something. but his using some finger tools to help hit the notes as he plays it, the key notes on the string instrument sound like lower key then up again a little bit and down again. It sounds similar to a guitar but it’s not, The tone of the music is kinda of somber sounding. like she’s reflecting or remembering something.

    The closest genre would be pop or indie I think?
    . And I wanna say it was released between 2008-2011?

    I think I recall seeing it on YouTube as well.
    Please and thank you In advance

  109. I have this song on mp3, I really like it.

    I can’t remember where I got it, and I can’t find it on any app.

    The night is too, too short.

    It’s now or never, Honey, forever.

    It’s sooner than you thought…

    I tried Shazzam, Siri, MusicID, Soundhound, Genius. I tried googling the lyrics. Can’t find it anywhere.

    I made the attached video (if I can attach it) hoping someone would happen on it and know the source.

    It sounds British, like the Moody Blues….almost.

  110. I am trying to find an Isley Brother promo song. I think it was Voyage to Atlantis. I heard it on a vinyl record back in 1991. The last few minutes of the song was just music. Ernie was playing the guitar so smoothly. It was on a white vinyl album. Can you help me?

  111. Around early 2000 I took a road trip with my family and they were either listening to the radio or playing a cassette. They had played a Kenny Rogers “Best of…”-type cassette at one point, so I originally thought it was him, but I don’t think so.

    There’s a slow song, probably from somewhere between the 70s-early 80s where there is a male voice who slowly sings “Cumberland Gap”. I don’t know what the genre is, but it could be mainstream country from the 70s or 80s? I don’t know if the “Cumberland Gap” part is from the verse or chorus, but it sounds like it comes at the end of the line, as if he’s singing something, and ends the sentence with “Cummmberland Gaaap”.

    I have searched everywhere for this song. Discogs keeps suggesting really old songs by Lonnie Donnegan, etc. It’s not that song. I don’t even know if the name of the song is “Cumberland Gap”, or if it’s just a one-off part of the song.

    Can anyone help?

    • Discogs is missing so many CD album releases from around that time. I wonder if it was Bluegrass band, actually called Cumberland Gap in 2002 that you heard. Their album is not on Discogs, but it is on eBay. Meanwhile, good luck with the search!

      • Thanks for your help and well wishes. This was definitely an older song…could have even been from the 60s/70s. My family didn’t listen to country/bluegrass, and this road trip was through upstate NY and we wouldn’t have been playing any radio station that was centered around bluegrass and/or country. I remember the song being more of a slow, old time ballad-type that would’ve been more crossover country, folk, pop, i.e. some old Kenny Rogers (for example). This is a mystery, but I appreciate your suggestion!

  112. Hello
    I inquired about a song I heard and loved and recorded but I lost the tape. It sounded like a British Band Import. Here are some of the lyrics I kind of recall not in order:

    I can’t remember setting up last night.
    Just celebrate it with your new found (. )
    Is this the love?
    I’ll make it mine
    And I’m here for you if you want
    And I’m here for you here for you….??
    Is it right now…

    This was around 1996
    Any help would be appreciated!!!

  113. Hi Mark looking for a song from the 80’s…going like….every where i go to girls are by my side showing me there…what a holy night oooo oh oh we want big…..

  114. Looking for an 1980’s song I remember it was basically one that had ‘come back in to my life, can’t you see i’m right, come back’ in it, male band.

    It sounds like this:

  115. Mighty Wah’s Come Back? 1984. Lyrics a bit different from those you state but gist is similar. Otherwise possibly Foreigner’s Waiting for A Girl Like You?

  116. Looking for a song sounds like from 70s or very late 60s beatles ripoff. Most likely 70s. I believe it is the bridge that has the lyrics “ask and you’ll receive” and thats all i know. Searching for that only gives me religious songs, which this is not. It was played on a high school radio station here in feb because the artist (whose name is a normal first last name) was born in february and they were doing songs by bday. Thanks in advance!


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