Gray Days and Gold February 2023

Hello, friends. I meant to have this episode ready earlier but COVID finally cracked the combination to my DNA vault this month, which slowed me down and eventually necessitated a cocktail of cough syrup and bourbon (i.e. a Flaming Mark) to get through the voiceovers without coughing. Now settle in, open a jar of pickled eggs, and let’s see if we can’t get Aerosmith up on stage.

You can listen to this episode via the embedded player just below in this post—if you don’t see it, try turning off your ad-blocker then reloading the page—or on the Mixcloud website, via the Mixcloud mobile app, on your Sonos system, etc.

There’s also a more barebones iteration of this episode’s playlist (minus my commentary, as well as tracks missing from their library) on Spotify and Apple Music.

If you like what you hear, please support the artists. You’ll find buy links to the tracks in the bulleted list below.

Gray Days and Gold, February 2023

  1. Virginia Astley, “Melt the Snow” (1984)
  2. Ins Kino, “Other Worlds” (2023) • BUY
  3. Brendan Eder Ensemble, “Pure (Ride the World)” (2023) • BUY
  4. Dionne Warwick, “Who Is Gonna Love Me?” (1968) • BUY
  5. Dina Ögon, “Docka” (2023) • BUY
  6. Lou Tides, “The Rake” (2023) • BUY
  7. Inara George, “America” (2023) • BUY
  8. Trevor Sloan, “Outside Looking In” (2023) • BUY
  9. Laure Briard, “Me pardonner” (2023) • BUY
  10. Holly Henderson, “You’re Crying” (2023) • BUY
  11. Love Can’t Save You, Padmé, “Far Calls” (2023) • BUY
  12. Anona, “Anona” (2023) • BUY
  13. Peaceful Faces, “Signature Blues” (2023) • BUY
  14. Halo Maud, “Bright Was the Embrace” (2022) • BUY
  15. Minihi, “Apparitions” (2023) • BUY
  16. Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach, “This House Is Empty Now” (1998) • BUY
  17. Public Image Ltd., “Hawaii” (2023) • BUY


The Songs of Bacharach & Costello

Early March will see the release of a deluxe set of their complete works, including a remastered Painted From Memory and many unheard songs that were commissioned for a stage musical that never came to pass. The Super Deluxe Edition contains two additional discs of live tracks and a lengthy essay by Costello. See the full array of formats at his web store.

Of course, what I really want is proper digital distribution of their long-out-of-print Sessions at West 54th live performance, which is currently only streamable for PBS members.

Instrumental Bacharach

If I was willing to make this already-too-long episode a little longer, I’d have included Stevie Wonder’s virtuoso harmonica version of “Alfie,” recorded while still in his teens. Instead, enjoy this equally magnificent performance from a 1973 TV special.

And of course Bill Frisell highlighted how well the Bacharach/Costello compositions stand up without lyrics by releasing an all-instrumental cover album in 1999, The Sweetest Punch: The New Songs of Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach.

As always, thanks for listening. If you have questions, suggestions, etc. please feel free to contact me. And if you’d like to receive these posts via email, you can sign up here. Take care.

[Artwork: Frühjahr, Akseli Gallén-Kallela, c.1900]

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Gray Days and Gold