Gray Days and Gold April 2023

Hello, friends. Once a month I assemble an hour-long music show of the most interesting, tuneful, genre-defying, contemporary artists that you’re probably not hearing on the radio. In a world of algorithmically-driven playlists full of background muzak generated by faceless production mills—and now even 24/7 streams of AI-generated music, ffs—what could be more punk than listening to music written, played and curated by actual humans? No ads, no login or subscription required…just press play and enjoy. In addition to the usual round-up of new music, this episode also contains as much Ryuichi Sakamoto as I could get away with, as a small tribute to the recently-departed maestro.

(Oh, and to anyone who’s just discovered GD&G thanks to my wife’s warts-and-all assessment of my musical snobbery in the introductory note of her latest newsletter, welcome to the dark side.)

You can listen to this episode via the embedded player just below in this post—if you don’t see it, try turning off your ad-blocker then reloading the page—or on the Mixcloud website, via the Mixcloud mobile app, on your Sonos system, etc.

There’s also a more barebones iteration of this episode’s playlist (minus my commentary) on Spotify and Apple Music.

If you like what you hear, please support the artists. You’ll find buy links to the tracks in the bulleted list below.

Gray Days and Gold, April 2023

  1. The 3 Clubmen, “Aviatrix” (2023) • BUY
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Tong Poo” (1999) • BUY
  3. This Is the Kit, “Inside Outside” (2023) • BUY
  4. The Clientele, “Blue Over Blue” (2023) • BUY
  5. Giorgio Tuma, “Creation of My Ghosts” (2023) • BUY
  6. Alex Pester, “Big Black Second-Hand Book” (2023) • BUY
  7. Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Aoneko No Torso” (1996) • BUY
  8. Caroline Rose, “Love Song for Myself” (2023) • BUY
  9. Asher White, “Skate Park Anthem” (2023) • BUY
  10. The Lilac Time, “A Makeshift Raft” (2023) • BUY
  11. Chassol, “I’m Not a Real Person” (2023) • BUY
  12. Yellow Magic Orchestra, “Ongaku” (1983) • BUY
  13. Angelo de Augustine, “Another Universe” (2023) • BUY
  14. Jolee Gordon, “Taking Care of Business?” (2023) • BUY
  15. Ryuichi Sakamoto, “Life, Life” (2017) • BUY

As always, thanks for listening. If you have questions, suggestions, etc. please feel free to contact me. And if you’d like to receive these posts via email, you can sign up here. Take care.

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