Here are my favorite albums of 2014, arranged first by genre and then alphabetically by artist, and linked to my write-ups (with the exception of one that I didn’t get around to). Quite a good year, I’d say. I also bought more new releases on vinyl this year than I had since the late ’80s.

Alt Pop/Rock:

Art Rock:

Multicultural flavor:

Orchestral Pop/Rock:




[Readers will easily note that 2014 was the last time I provided a year-end summary of recommended releases. Having done that once, I concluded that, while I do still keep track of new music, I prefer to listen to and address it in my own sweet time. Feeling compelled to absorb albums—to the extent that I have something thoughtful to say—and write under deadline isn’t why I’m here. (i.e. “Can’t we just take things slow? We’re having fun! Let’s not ruin it, ok?”) Besides, the internet’s littered with music sites very eager to offer hot takes and Best Ofs, so I’m happy to leave them to it while I wallow in irrelevant esoterica. – Ed.]

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