Cover of "For the Birds" The Birdsong Project", with the words "Unofficial Freegal" superimposed.

First in a series of posts highlighting unsung gems in the vast catalog of Freegal, a service that allows free mp3 downloads to library users.

photo by Heather Wilson Smith

Here are five of my favorite autumnal albums: sounds that emit a subdued, warm glow; and soft, round edges, manifested as organic, woody and resonant instrumentation.

Bernhoft, Wye Oak, The Both, Real Estate, Kan Wakan, TEEN, Erlend Øye, Beck, Thievery Corporation, PHOX, Against Me!, Sharon Jones, and many more. Plus a note on why I never did this again.

king crimson, larks tongues in aspic

The amazing Rachel Flowers rekindles the memory of how I met one of my dearest friends.

You don’t need to know about cricket to appreciate the brilliant pop of The Duckworth Lewis Method.

If you like subtle beauty, do yourself a favor and pick up Laura Marling’s wonderful new album.

If you’re a Belle & Sebastian fan, you won’t want to miss this wonderful hour-long documentary.