You want lushly-orchestrated, richly-textured, beautifully-composed, cinematic, noir-ish, downtempo, funky, swoon-inducing music combined with gorgeous, sultry, powerful vocals? Look no further than the debut album by Los Angeles’s Kan Wakan (pron. KON wuh-KON), the brainchild of core duo composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui Linev (who also operates under the pseudonym¬†Crooked Waters) and guitarist/co-producer Peter Potyondy; it’s a masterwork. The album features vocals by guest collaborator Kristianne Bautista, who absolutely casts a spell from start to finish. But Kan Wakan is a collective of sorts, supplemented by additional musicians and working with many vocalists, so expect to hear different voices on their next record.

Buy it here.

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