Gray Days and Gold: Best music releases of 2020

25 releases that exemplify why Gray Days and Gold exists: superlative music mostly overlooked by the music press powers that be.

Gray Days and Gold December 2020

The December 2020 edition of Gray Days and Gold is a wintry mix packed with treats to surprise and delight.

Gray Days and Gold November 2020

It’s another hour of new discoveries and old favorites in the usual blend of orchestral pop, dreamy psychedelia and unique singer-songwriters, seasoned with more than one allusion to falling leaves and the onset of winter.

Gray Days and Gold October 2020

The pop music equivalent of a pile of burning leaves in the back yard, glowing warmly and beckoning you to get cozy.

The Carmelittles’ Henri Poilevey

The young Chicago-based artist talks about his debut album Wreath, staying centered in troubling times, and what he’s learned from grief.

Gray Days and Gold September 2020

The skies are an incorrect color and you’re right to be concerned. That means it’s time to take a deep breath and refresh with an hour of music that’s beginning to sound like sweater weather. Plus, an interview with The Carmelittles.

Gray Days and Gold August 2020

Dishing up another hour of songs that sound the way August feels: heavy, humid and hazy; lush, languid and lazy.

Gray Days and Gold July 2020

The Balm Squad returns, bearing music that sounds like summer.