Tear running down the face of Piper Laurie in The Hustler

Moods for maudlins. Songs that sound like January, from the show designed to chill you out with maximum melody and moderate melancholy.

Art nouveau carved wood panel with the words Gray Days and Gold

A new music show designed to chill you out with maximum melody, moderate melancholy, and exceptional songwriting. Easy listening worth listening to.

Wainwright Tile & Stone storefront

In which I baffle the innocent owners of a local business here in Charlottesville by imagining their shop being owned by a pop singer and writing a accompanying jingle.

Martin Newell Mulled Rhyme header image

A collaboration with one of my favorite musicians on a visual interpretation of his poem.

sounds of WOXY 97X 1985

Did ’80s music suck? Not on Ohio’s modern rock WOXY 97X; what I heard there in ’85 alone was remarkable. Here—in 14 hours across 5 mixes—is how it sounded.

David Bowie, March 2013; photo by Jimmy King

In the wake of David Bowie’s death, here’s a rollup of the more worthwhile memorials, tributes and career examinations I’ve found.

photo by Heather Wilson Smith

Here are five of my favorite autumnal albums: sounds that emit a subdued, warm glow; and soft, round edges, manifested as organic, woody and resonant instrumentation.

Throughout life, but perhaps most profoundly in our youth, we encounter things or people that click on a cellular level—a movie; a book; a group of friends that awakens, challenges or reflects our feelings or worldview in ways that help define our identity. For me, it was a radio station.