Gray Days and Gold October 2021

Gray Days and Gold is back with an hour of this month’s most worthwhile musical discoveries, still deeply nestled in a cozy, autumnal mood.

Alex Pester

Alex Pester, a psychedelic folk artist based in the UK, has released his most expansive and ambitious work yet.

Gray Days and Gold September 2021

Gray Days and Gold is where the mellow wallows, with a new hour of autumnal music that’s soft-edged and wistful like a sun-faded photograph.

Gray Days and Gold August 2021

Gray Days and Gold has gathered the most intoxicating musical spices from the farthest trade routes and delivered them to your feet.

Gray Days and Gold July 2021

Art goes the pop this month as we round up the most interesting art-pop, singer-songwriters, and composers that July 2021 has to offer.

Gray Days and Gold June 2021

Exploration is once again in the air, and Gray Days and Gold is your shuttle to the farthest reaches of the musical universe.

Gray Days and Gold May 2021

In the spring a young life form’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of bursting forth from the psychedelic cocoon, accompanied by an hour of great music.

Gray Days and Gold April 2021

The music of the spheres is heard distinctly over the vaccination site. It is an hour of the best new music that April 2021 has to offer.