Art nouveau carved wood panel with the words Gray Days and Gold

A new music show designed to chill you out with maximum melody, moderate melancholy, and exceptional songwriting. Easy listening worth listening to.

Wainwright Tile & Stone storefront

In which I baffle the innocent owners of a local business here in Charlottesville by imagining their shop being owned by a pop singer and writing a accompanying jingle.

Martin Newell Mulled Rhyme header image

A collaboration with one of my favorite musicians on a visual interpretation of his poem.

sounds of WOXY 97X 1985

Did ’80s music suck? Not on Ohio’s modern rock WOXY 97X; what I heard there in ’85 alone was remarkable. Here—in 14 hours across 5 mixes—is how it sounded.

David Bowie, March 2013; photo by Jimmy King

In the wake of David Bowie’s death, here’s a rollup of the more worthwhile memorials, tributes and career examinations I’ve found.

photo by Heather Wilson Smith

Here are five of my favorite autumnal albums: sounds that emit a subdued, warm glow; and soft, round edges, manifested as organic, woody and resonant instrumentation.

Throughout life, but perhaps most profoundly in our youth, we encounter things or people that click on a cellular level—a movie; a book; a group of friends that awakens, challenges or reflects our feelings or worldview in ways that help define our identity. For me, it was a radio station.

Listening to The Smiths’ “Is It Really So Strange?” in the shower, I was struck by how many of the lyrics have parallels to scenes or character arcs in Game of Thrones, so I made a thing.