Wainwright Tile & Stone storefront

In which I baffle the innocent owners of a local business here in Charlottesville by imagining their shop being owned by a pop singer and writing a accompanying jingle.

Martin Newell Mulled Rhyme header image

A collaboration with one of my favorite musicians on a visual interpretation of his poem.

Listening to The Smiths’ “Is It Really So Strange?” in the shower, I was struck by how many of the lyrics have parallels to scenes or character arcs in Game of Thrones, so I made a thing.

Because what’s better than crate digging?

In which I apologize for interrogating innocent bystanders in my singular drive to understand abstruse pop songs. Anyway, turns out it’s all lepidoptera.

I woke up remembering a song composed in a dream, so I recorded it. It makes no sense.

Had to update the LP wall in anticipation of finally seeing Paul Weller in concert for the first time; driving back to Bogart’s in Cincinnati in order to mark┬áthe occasion with friends.