Genius of Water statue, Cincinnati

For my peeps at home and away, here’s a mix of songs that mention Cincinnati, both explicitly and by subtle or casual lyrical reference. As for the misspelling in the title of Scott Walker’s song, I’m willing to give him a pass since he’s got the authenticity of having been born just up the road in Hamilton, Ohio and also he’s Scott Fucking Walker. Tracks are:

  • “Laura”, Scissor Sisters
  • “Sam’s Place”, Buck Owens
  • “All This (And More)”, Against Me!
  • “Animal Welcome”, The Happy Maladies
  • “Cincinnati Fireball”, Johnny Burnette
  • “I Can’t Get Started”, Frank Sinatra
  • “One Two Sh*t”, A Tribe Called Quest feat. Busta Rhymes
  • “Susie Cincinnati”, The Beach Boys
  • “Cincinnati”, The Distillers
  • “Bring That Beat Back”, Public Enemy
  • “I’m a Ramblin’ Man”, Waylon Jennings
  • “Say Shh…”, Atmosphere
  • “Too Dramatic”, Ra Ra Riot
  • “Cincinnati Kid”, J.J. Vianello
  • “Clap Hands”, Tom Waits
  • “Upside Down”, Tori Amos
  • “Oh, Cincinnati”, The Seedy Seeds
  • “Sweet Kentucky Ham”, Dave Frishberg
  • “Lights of Cincinatti” [sic], Scott Walker

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  1. There is also Animal Welcome by The Happy Maladies. Who are actually a local band and on Spotify.

  2. 1974 Kiss self titled album.
    “Kissin’ Time”

  3. Easy Lantana – All hustle, No luck (Remix) ft. Yo Gotti, Bun B, & Pusha T
    Easy Lantana is a Cincinnati native.

    Atmosphere- trying to find a balance.


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