photo by Heather Wilson Smith

Here are five of my favorite autumnal albums: sounds that emit a subdued, warm glow; and soft, round edges, manifested as organic, woody and resonant instrumentation.

Their best album yet; a retro blend that sounds both familiar and fresh. Click for full review.

Erlend Øye’s Legao contains songs of disappointment set to sunny, laid-back grooves; the perfect combination. Click for full review.

What commercial pop ought to be. Click for full review.

Because what’s better than crate digging?

So effortlessly flowing and gentle, it’s like being inside the singer’s head as thoughts drift by. Click for full review.

His usual consummate pop craft applied to the breakup of a long-term relationship. Click for full review.

Immensely talented multi-instrumentalists, terrific songs, playful arrangements and, oh, that voice. Click for full review.