Bob and Ray's Ray Goulding and Bob Elliott

In honor of Bob Elliott’s 92nd birthday, here’s nearly an hour of my favorite Bob and Ray sketches.

It’s pretty common in music circles to encounter people who have spent literally decades trying to identify an obscure song on an old mixtape. Here’s one method that might help.

Bernhoft, Wye Oak, The Both, Real Estate, Kan Wakan, TEEN, Erlend Øye, Beck, Thievery Corporation, PHOX, Against Me!, Sharon Jones, and many more. Plus a note on why I never did this again.

king crimson, larks tongues in aspic

The amazing Rachel Flowers rekindles the memory of how I met one of my dearest friends.

Because what’s better than crate digging?

In which I apologize for interrogating innocent bystanders in my singular drive to understand abstruse pop songs. Anyway, turns out it’s all lepidoptera.

I woke up remembering a song composed in a dream, so I recorded it. It makes no sense.

Had to update the LP wall in anticipation of finally seeing Paul Weller in concert for the first time; driving back to Bogart’s in Cincinnati in order to mark the occasion with friends.