Because what’s better than crate digging?

Yet another excellent debut album in 2014, although a couple of the songs have been kicking around as singles since 2012. Blending instruments, textures and polyrhythms from Africa and the Caribbean with perfect, sparkling pop songcraft, Dan Croll‘s Sweet Disarray is heartfelt, danceable, sunny, inspired, and utterly charming. Highly recommended for fans of Vampire Weekend. A note of […]

In the spring of 1986, 4 months after its release, I picked up Cocteau Twins’ Echoes In a Shallow Bay EP at a shop in Jacksonville, FL. Shortly thereafter, in a desperate bid to understand what Liz Fraser might be singing, I forced a friend’s Mexican houseguest (a foreign-exchange student) to listen to “Melonella” and […]

Had to update the LP wall in anticipation of finally seeing Paul Weller in concert for the first time; driving back to Bogart’s in Cincinnati in order to mark the occasion with friends.

Birthday Bowie, January Jones. (Station To Station, btw, is signed by both Earl Slick and the New York Dolls’ Sylvain Sylvain. At a Dolls in-store appearance at Cincinnati’s Shake It Records, I asked Earl (who was playing with them at the time) to sign it and Syl insisted on pitching in.

The LP wall honestly never expected to add a new Sprouts LP to the collection, but it’s a life of surprises.

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